studiozarculea:  you know that your body is pedection?

wow thank you!

lioninastrangeland:  Your physique is amazing! Keep it up 👌

thank you so much!

Anonymous:  Hey there! Do you know some good exercises I can do at home for calves? Mine are really skinny and I really want them toned/shapely (that nice heart shape). I do jump rope and calf raises sometimes with weight and sometimes without but I don't know if its working

both are perfect & you should start seeing or feeling results after awhile! running is also good for calfs & using leg press machines for calf raises works well too!

baddestbrown11:  Theres gotta be a pretty face to tht body...

haha idk, ive posted pictures of my face before  

pin-her-down:  Can you please submit a selfie for my blog? I would LOVE to have a picture of your gorgeous body on my blog! You've done such a good job keeping in shape

thanks so much

legsandbootyx3:  Hi, just wanted to say you're gorgeous! my old blog (legsandbootyx2) recently got deleted where i had over 6500 followers! im wondering if you would like to submit to my new blog to help me rebuild it? :)

ya for sure! later though!

lustingafterher:  Where is the new red bra from!!!!!? I love it!!! Ps - don't be creeped out by the blog. Im a twenty year old girl. Don't want you thinking I'm a 50 year old man creeping ya. If in doubt my second blog is everwonderifitsall-foryou (i always feel the need to explain all this so people aren't weirded out)

haha okay & its from victoria’s secret!

Anonymous:  You should post a pic squeezing your butt (;

haha maybe

the-only-emperor:  how the frick did you manage to not lose fat in your boobs? sorry if this is disrespectful but are they fake? i\I've got an a cup so cardio kinda stresses me out a little, i don't mind my small boobs but i would like to keep something.

none taken but nope theyre real! & honestly it all depends on your body! ive known a lot of girls who only had some weight to lose & didnt lose much from their breasts at all so i think it also depends on how dramatic the weight loss is